Recent achievements

Our technology continues to impress. Here are a few examples.

Coffre et produits solo pour l'Australie

The Tango era!

January 2024
Foxtrot presents the latest addition to its family – THE TANGO! With the ability to move and lift loads of up to 20 tonnes, the Tango IS the cost-effective alternative to heavy-duty AGVs. More power, more versatility. Welcome to the Tango era!

Bridge 40

The Bridge 40 is here!

November 2023
We’re proud to present the BRIDGE 40! Thanks to this remarkable technology, you can now effortlessly move up to 40 tons with just one small attachment on your Solo 20.

Lettre brune sur une surface grise

We're launching our newsletter!

October 2023
It’s official: Foxtrot Industriel is launching its newsletter. Subscribe now for exclusive information on new products and company news! To do so, click on the button below.

Delivery to Australia!

April 2023
We are proud to announce that Foxtrot robots are now present on not 1, but 2 continents! We are taking an important step today with our first delivery to Australia.

New Product!

Febuary 2023
Discover our new MBSOLO Magnetic Safety Blocks.
Prevent loads from falling over if a skate slips, reduce risks of injury, reduce spotter need, stackable blocks to adjust height and useful for conventional dollies and robots. 

Foxtrot X Simplex

November 2022
What could be better than ending the year with BIG news to announce? It’s official, our robots are available for rent everywhere in Quebec at Simplex branches! Our technology will be more accessible than ever to ensure the safety of your industrial moves.

New Office at Saint-Hyacinthe

June 2022
The Foxtrot Industrial team is now located in Saint-Hyacinthe! This move is a big step for the growth of our company. In addition to being closer to our customers, the expansion will allow us to meet the growing demand. 

Big Challenge with a Client

June 2022
Our team worked with Plomberie L&P Lavallée inc. to enter a tank in an underground parking lot. Because the door was to small, the forklift couldn’t get inside and that’s why it was instead used as a support for the Solo to go down the slope. The job was done in a few hours with two people only.

Ambitious project at Rio Tinto!

January 2022
Rio Tinto installed a new magnesium furnace. The manoeuvrability of the Solo 20 in confined spaces allowed the furnace to be delivered in one piece. Otherwise, it would have had to be disassembled, delivered in parts and reassembled on site.

Launch of the Solo 10 range

October 2021
We are unveiling pictures of our new Solo 10. A revolutionary product specially designed to facilitate the movement of heavy loads up to 10T. Ultra-compact dimensions, unequaled lightness, ergonomic handles and a height of only 5”. 

CMTS 2021

October 2021
The Foxtrot Industriel team traveled to Toronto to the CMTS Industry Show to explore the Ontario market. Several important encounters were made!

New member on the team

September 2021
Here is the brand new member of the Foxtrot Industriel team! Our new van designed in our image will allow us to travel much more easily our Solo.

Unveiling of the new photos of the Solo 20

August 2021
Check out the new photos taken of the Solo 20! These images will allow a more realistic vision of our products for our clients.

Replacement of an engine at Domtar

July 2021
This move made in collaboration with Groupe PMI allowed us to show Domtar the lightness of our system. Indeed, we moved on a mezzanine as well as on a freight elevator which would not have been possible with a forklift!

Success of another test at WestRock

April 2021
This test done with our Solo 20 and the collaboration of Egzatek allowed the moving of a laser cutter at WestRock.

Clean room machinery moving at C2MI

January 2021
This demonstration showed the performance of the Solo 20 prototype in a controlled environment in a clean room at C2MI in Bromont.

American Biltrite Ltd testimonial

October 2020
Our first demonstration in a real-life situation took place at American Biltrite Ltée in Sherbrooke. This major milestone proved the effectiveness of the Solo 20 first prototype.

Exhibition at the SIMEC Industrial Show

October 2019
Foxtrot’s team learned about the issues faced by their clients at the very beginning of the project. This was done through various interviews, field observations and discussions at SIMEC. An article in the MCI magazine was published following this event.

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