Motorized machine dollies’ applications

See how we solve your safety, understaffing and downtime cost issues.

Moving a Pressure Tank


A company needed to move it’s 18 000 Ib Urco 2 tank. 


With the Solo 10 and the help of Les entreprises de réfrigération LS and GROUPE PMI, we were able to move easily the tank.


Moving a CNC Machine


Usinage RM had to quickly move its CNC to resume production as soon as possible. The machine also had to squeeze into very tight spaces. 


The Solo 10 moved the CNC efficiently. Thanks to its portability and compactness, the reorganisation of the environment took 2 hours less than with the traditional method.

robot moving a machine

Moving a Rubber Mixer

rubber mixer moved by solo 20


American Biltrite had to move its 15 000 kg rubber mixer to replace it with a new one. This change had to be made quickly to resume production and avoid losses.


The use of the Solo 20 for the replacement of this rubber mixer reduced machine downtime by 13 hours, which saved the company a lot of money.

Clean room moving


The C2MI had to move a machine into a clean room as part of a reorganisation. The space was so tight that a forklift could not get through it.


Our compact robots made it easy to move around tight spaces. Plus, our emission-free technology has helped keeping the cleanroom environment clean.

Moving Mining Equipment

Mining equipment moved by a solo 10


Rio Tinto faced such a tight space that it would have had to disassemble, deliver in parts and reassemble its machine on site to get through a section containing doors.


The maneuverability of the Solo 20 in restricted space allowed the delivery of a magnesium furnace in 1 single piece. What would have been a week’s work ended up taking 2 hours.

Moving on a Slope


The task was to drive a tank into an underground parking lot. Because the door was too small, the forklift couldn’t get inside. According to Plomberie L&P Lavallée inc, the work should have taken two days and 6 people.


We used the forklift as a support for the robot to go down the slope! The tank was able to pass without problems thanks to the compactness of our technology. The job was done in just a few hours with only 2 people!


solo moving a tank outside
food processor moved by a solo

Moving a Food Processing Machine 

Our robots allow use in sanitary environments.


Moving Machinery

Our Solos are the tools of choice for setting up new machines.

operator moving a machine with a solo and a remote control

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The Tango era!

January 2024
Foxtrot presents the latest addition to its family - THE TANGO! With the ability to move and lift loads of up to 20 tonnes, the Tango IS the cost-effective alternative to heavy-duty AGVs. More power, more versatility. Welcome to the Tango era!

The Bridge 40 is here!

November 2023
We're proud to present the BRIDGE 40! Thanks to this remarkable technology, you can now effortlessly move up to 40 tons with just one small attachment on your Solo 20.

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