Electric powered dollies for moving heavy loads

Discover our motorized machinery dollies designed for industrial and manufacturing environments.

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The Tango is a cost effective alternative to heavy load AGV. It is the best tool to move and lift loads up to 20T in manufacturing environments. Easily customable to fit in your environment and maximize it.

Solo 20

The best tool to easily move heavy loads up to 20T on industrial worksites! A safe and effective solution, even in confined space.

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Solo 10

The most compact tool to move heavy loads up to 10T on industrial worksites! Its 45kg weight allows two people to carry it by hand. A safe and effective solution for confined space.

Bridge 40

You want to move more than 20T? Just use the Bridge 40 as an add-on to move up to 40T!

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Our Latest Projects

The Tango era!

January 2024
Foxtrot presents the latest addition to its family - THE TANGO! With the ability to move and lift loads of up to 20 tonnes, the Tango IS the cost-effective alternative to heavy-duty AGVs. More power, more versatility. Welcome to the Tango era!

The Bridge 40 is here!

November 2023
We're proud to present the BRIDGE 40! Thanks to this remarkable technology, you can now effortlessly move up to 40 tons with just one small attachment on your Solo 20.

We're launching our newsletter!

October 2023
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