Elevate productivity with a compact mobile robot able to lift and move 20T.

How does it work?

The Tango is a cost effective alternative to heavy load AGV. The main difference with the Solo is its integrated lifting system. This workhorse is designed for moving heavy loads in production lines and in various manufacturing applications.


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An adaptable technology

Exchangeable load support (flat, tow ball, U shape)

Transport cart for fast moves between workstations

Safe, rugged and intuitive remote controller

Compact and low to the ground design for safety and adaptability

AWD 6’’ diameter wheels for real-world floor conditions

Tango in a wheel cart



Tango from a side view
Capacity icon

Towing Capacity

20T | 44 000 Ib

Autonomy icon

Lifting Capacity

10T | 22 000 Ib

Size icon


825 X 1020 X 225mm
32’’ X 40’’ X 8,8’’

Weight icon


250kg | 550Ib

Speed icon


Up to 3km/h | 1,8mph

Autonomy icon



Recharge Time icon

Recharge Time


Interchangeable Battery icon

Interchangeable Battery


Speed icon


100 mm | 4’’

Operation temperature icon

Max Temperatures

-20°C to 50°C
-4 to 122F

Our Latest Projects

The Tango era!

January 2024
Foxtrot presents the latest addition to its family - THE TANGO! With the ability to move and lift loads of up to 20 tonnes, the Tango IS the cost-effective alternative to heavy-duty AGVs. More power, more versatility. Welcome to the Tango era!

The Bridge 40 is here!

November 2023
We're proud to present the BRIDGE 40! Thanks to this remarkable technology, you can now effortlessly move up to 40 tons with just one small attachment on your Solo 20.

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October 2023
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