The MBSOLO Magnetic blocks are a revolutionary product that can greatly improve safety and efficiency in a wide range of applications. One of the most significant benefits of these magnetic blocks is that they can prevent workers from being crushed by a machine if it slips or loses balance. This is particularly important in industries where heavy loads are moved around, such as warehousing and manufacturing.

Workers in these industries often face the risk of injury or even death if a machine or load falls on them. The MBSOLO Magnetic blocks can greatly reduce this risk by preventing loads from falling over, even if a machine or dolly slips or hits a bump. The blocks are stackable, allowing users to adjust their height to suit different loads and applications. This feature makes them highly versatile and adaptable to different situations. There are three different models of blocks available, each with a different height range (1in, 2in and 4in), further increasing their flexibility and usefulness.

12 yellow wodden blocs of different heights

In addition to preventing injuries and fatalities, the MBSOLO Magnetic blocks can also increase efficiency and reduce the need for spotters. Spotters are typically required to ensure that loads are balanced and stable during movement, but with these magnetic blocks, loads are much less likely to shift or fall, even if the skate or dolly hits a bump or obstacle. This means that fewer workers are needed to move heavy loads, which can save time and reduce labor costs.

Overall, the MBSOLO Magnetic blocks represent a major breakthrough in safety. They have the potential to significantly reduce the risk of injury and death, while also increasing efficiency. As such, they are likely to be of interest to a wide range of industries, from logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, military to retail and mining.